Knowing where your business is today and what your customers need allows you to focus on what matters


We offer four assessment and benchmarking services:


Heuristic reviews

The first step in all Heuristic Reviews is to understand the Customer Journey Framework and how the business organises sales and service. Often this is rarely documented. Once agreed a specific range of dimensions can be created to evaluate the owned platform. With a maturity score per dimension a percentage completeness is generate per tier of the customer journey and an overall total. For each dimension we evidence the scoring with screen captures, annotations and useful notes for the brand to consider.

Single journey stage capability score, executive summary score and annotation


Best practice reports

Following the Heuristic Review benchmarking exercise, the areas where the brand does not have capability or are deployed in some limited style are listed and each competitor and comparator is audited against the specific dimension to build a composite best-in-class reference point. In a comprehensive report these are aligned to customer journey stage with thought starter solutions to allow the entire team get a feel on these learnings could be applied to their own platform not just to meet parity but to differentiate and become a useful service.

Best Practice highlight report, opportunity chart and annotations


Persona development and taxonomy architecture

Working with expert researchers we plan and conduct primary research to understand mental models, pain points and mandatory needs. These act as a checklist throughout the design process and not a one time academic process. Using the insight from how people think we are able to use this in developing taxonomies for navigation and meta data. Tree testing is used to fully understand the performance for new structures ensuring paths are optimised.

Persona organisation training, BERT diagram and synthesis


Omni-channel journey mapping

Working with the entire organisation we actively map out the current customer journey, systematically capturing the As-Is state with:

  • Evidence
  • Customer action
  • Frontstage business action
  • Backstage business action
  • Capabilities and system
  • Emotional state from a controlled vocabulary

This process frequently yields multiple areas of opportunity for ensuring negative moments are clustered and delivered early in the journey alongside packaging moments of high satisfaction at natural breaks, which become memorable, known as peak end rule. Using customer co-create workshops the desired features can be mapped to the relevant journey stage allowing a visual gap analysis to take place. Once created, this can handed over to the organisation for maintenance and ongoing use.

As-Is and To-Be journey map, evidenced emotional map and controlled vocabulary