Fast, fast, slow, fast – the rhythm of customer experience

How companies can assess and plan their actual customer experience Customer experience. The first word – Customer, it says a lot. When it comes to marketing and technology investment, the lion’s share is certainly in pre-sales with three core phases: Discover – that old thing called advertising, or whatever format is your paid flavour today

Why Quick Wins will be the death of you

Almost as sure as the sun rises each day, I’ve been witness to the mandatory inclusion of comprehensive heuristic reviews and best practice reports as part of any digital transformation programme. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these activities are idea killers but as a marriage they bear the inevitable offspring that is

My telco divorce. How a continued focus on sales lead to relationship failure

There are some brands I just love. I’ve loved them a long time. I guess it’s complicated. We all know the story… we’ve had an exceptional customer service moment and their product just works brilliantly. But just like any relationship if it all gets a little too one sided it can leave you feeling like

iPad turned off

Unloved and unused products for no one. Building a product that people want to use.

I’m always interested to look at publicly available devices and who’s using them. Curiosity if you will and seeing what I can learn from it. I’m certain many of these products start out in life with good intention by a team that wants to create something amazing. And that’s where the problem starts – the