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Idea as an experience

Creating a single page in an easy to understand language, where all employees can see what the fundamental organisation vision and purpose is and how it is brought to life, can be a powerful and memorable tool.

Each item is linked together in a cascade to show how they cannot be easily separated. 

If all of the building block elements have been captured correctly in the assessment stage it is now a case of assembling these components to answer the following questions:

  • Organising idea: what drives us is…
  • Purpose: the reason we exist is…
  • Vision: we are building a world where…
  • Values: the things we believe in are…
  • Experience principles: which mean we feel like…
  • Behaviours: we bring to life by…
  • Operating model: our partners help us…
  • Customer benefit: so our customers get…

Organising idea


Everyone in the organisation needs to understand how the organising idea links to the customer benefit. A big question might be – when is it the right time to look at revising your framework? How do you know you’ve achieved it? The answer is that the framework is never complete – it’s work in progress. The best method of knowing when significant change is required, is when the organisation feels complacent in that it has strong differentiation and leading the market. This creates organisational rigidity, which in turn stops the organisation innovating as the culture is one of defensiveness rather than appetite. 

Experience principles

Often in marketing, the phrase ‘look and feel’ is used when referring to design. I argue the case this is only half the story and it should be split into the two elements:

Look – the visual identity: is the correct logo, colour palette, typefaces and layouts used

Feel – how will the customer feel by viewing and/or using the item

Experience principles are not a one-time use deliverable, they should be used for

  • Development of new design patterns
  • Research and evaluation of executions
  • A stimulus for innovation sessions

This mandates the need to keep the principles relevant in line with the brand strategy

Experience principles

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