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Love experience is an expert in Customer Experience – from strategy to concept delivery. With a relentless focus on what matters and driving results, we design products at the intersection of business need, customer goal and brand differentiation.

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The secret sauce is to use insights gathered from the assessment tools to build a compelling strategy and turn that into a reality rather than an endless stream of presentations and business jargon. Results matter.

Knowing where your business is today and what your customers need allows you to focus on what matters   We offer four assessment and benchmarking services: Heuristic reviews Best practice reports Persona and taxonomy creation Omni-channel journey mapping   Heuristic reviews The first step in all Heuristic Reviews is to understand the Customer Journey Framework

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With a large number of potential features derived from the assessment activities it’s tempting to hit the Quick Wins pedal. By evaluating each feature from a value and feasibility perspective the business can be certain they are concentrating on the right things.   We offer four strategy services: Customer co-create Feature prioritisation and roadmap planning

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Creating new services from insight is where value is realised. By architecting the flow of new services and getting those in front of customers as soon as possible without overly being obsessed with perfect pixels. Finding the set of features that are the most useful to customers and strengthening those with persuasive design is what

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Clients Say

  • Jon is a hugely knowledgeable and smart individual, who cares deeply about the craft of customer experience. I worked with him on several engagements and it is clear that Jon is not there to fit in with your current ways of working, rather he positively challenges the business to improve in a really practical way. He is also brilliant fun to have as part of the team.

    Karl Weaver CEO at Publicis Spine UK

  • Working with Jonathan was a true pleasure. As he combines is in-depth knowledge on Customer Experience design with a very good natured and professional working attitude. Highly recommend Jonathan if you require the latest cutting edge digital expertise. We were very happy with him and so were are clients.

    Ray Grafton Digital Marketing Institute

  • Jon worked for us at Sharp Co-Lab delivering a high-profile strategic project for the biggest Home Assistance company in the UK. The first thing that comes to mind when looking back is Jon’s constant strive for perfection – he doesn’t do average. He’s not your typical UX practitioner, he understands business and the wider and more complex context that surrounds companies; and that’s what makes him different. All the solutions and recommendations that he puts forward are not theoretical approaches, but real and actionable ideas that will most likely drive positive commercial results for the client.

    While his direct approach might be a hard to deal with for some, I did enjoy his honesty and simplicity. He’ll cut through the noise and say it like it is. 

    Sharp Co-Lab

    Eli Pinto, Founder & CEO
  • Jon and I worked together on a Digital Strategy engagement for a UK omnichannel general merchandise retailer and their Group Digital Officer. Jon ooses creative flair which when combined with his relentless drive for perfection produces exceptional end products. Jon is not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get into design, nor does he shy away from debates with c-level executives – this work ethic has earned him high respect both from his colleagues and clients. Jon is an in-demand and valuable asset for any team and will be a key influencer in how a differentiated customer experience is delivered over the coming years.

    Vanderbilt Homes

    Kamal Singh Grewal, Group Strategy and Digital Director
  • My team and I had the honour of working with Jon on a high-profile client project to assess a virtual reality interface for a pharmaceutical product through market research with healthcare professionals. We reached out just to see how we could collaborate and his deep expertise and passion had impact right from the start; we just HAD to work together because we knew Jon would really take the research to the next level.

    He added significant value to the research from start to finish through identifying hypotheses that we could test, mapping the user journey and coding on a custom controlled vocabulary, recommending tests to benchmark system performance, attending the research and making insightful observations, and collaborating on the analysis of the results.

    He did all of this alongside a busy speaking and work schedule, yet at every call he was prepared, friendly, energised, and full of thoughtful recommendations weaving together technical, behavioural, and experiential expertise. I’ll be looking for opportunities to work together with him again and wouldn’t hesitate to give him my highest recommendation.


    Katy Irving, Research Director, Behavioural Economist & Head of Innovation
Retail, Energy, Pharma, Fintech

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