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Training & Education

As a CXO, your primary objective is to improve the organisation’s performance. Your people are your most important asset. Developing the skills in-house is critical to driving double-digit growth.

The Oxytocin Organisation book

The Oxytocin Organisation

A Playbook for Creating Participatory Experiences.

At the heart of the methodology are 27 techniques, organised by stage (Assess, Design, Change) and type (Experience, Data, Culture) and created from the frontline of significant programmes. It’s for anyone who wants to create the next generation of organisations, those which engage customers and employees alike, deliver increased well-being and co-created ideas.

Evil assessment chart
Behaviour assessment
Organising idea cascade
Organising idea
Experience principle diagram
Experience principles
Battlefield map chart
Battlefield mapping

Course design

You might want to study the basics of Customer Experience or have a specific syllabus written for your organisation.

I focus on highly visual and practical methods of how to understand the customer, the experiences they need and how to organise work that delivers value. Knowing, without implementation, is pointless.

Examples of professional courses available:

Understand customer needs through research – Udemy

Developing actionable competitor reviews – Udemy

CX Essentials – Digital Marketing Institute

Exploring Targeting Stakeholders – Pluralsight

Training course modules
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Leadership programme

Experience for Head Quarters

A day doesn’t go by without customer experience on the agenda. Yet, you don’t have confidence you completely understand the what, why and how. You may question whether your talent knows (and uses) all the appropriate methods. This five-part intensive course will provide the solid foundations to ensure CX can be managed from the top.